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How to Write a Successful Nursing Capstone Project

Good health is of utmost importance. In the 21st century, many health complications arise due to lifestyle, poor sanitation, and industrial waste, among other issues. As a result, many people seek medical assistance to improve their health conditions. Fortunately, educated nurses are the glue holding the patient’s healthcare journey together. To become a nurse, these […]
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Tips to writing a good DNP capstone project

Every individual’s dream is to secure a good job, earn, learn and grow financially, and give back to society. Unlike other fields that people can indulge in due to their grades and knowledge, nursing demands more. Passion, willingness, and dedication are some of the traits that nursing students must have to pursue this profession. If […]
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Ideas for Nursing Capstone Projects

You have reached the highest level of nursing education. It’s time for you to write a capstone project. You’ve heard about these projects and know they represent a major challenge. But, honestly, a capstone project is not so scary. The secret to writing a great capstone project is to choose an interesting topic and prepare […]
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DNP capstone evidence-based practice project

Individuals who are ambitious enough to become leaders in the field of nursing usually pursue a DNP. Generally, a doctor of nursing practice equips one with the necessary competencies to head various relevant departments in the field of healthcare. One of the most unique features of this program is that in order to graduate, you […]
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Literature Review Matrix Template for Capstone Project

Generally, a capstone is such a complex academic project. Usually, creating this kind of project takes months, if not years. To make the development of this academic project possible and manageable, this task is divided into different stages. One of such important phases of developing a capstone project is conducting a literature review. It is […]
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Sample DNP Capstone Project Paper

As a culmination of the doctorate program in nursing, students are essentially prepared to become nurse scientists. Nursing students focus on bringing scientific knowledge into practice by integrating theoretical knowledge into patient care. This can only be achieved by completing a doctorate in nursing program (DNP). A DNP project is not like traditional scientific research, […]
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Sample Strategic Management Paper

From time to time, scholars are required to synthesize their theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge. Strategic management papers are common within academic research forums. Learners are required to hand-in industry-related research papers to gauge their conversion from theoretical knowledge to practical knowledge. Strategic management papers require critical thinking since scholars have to provide solid-based evidence […]
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What is a DNP Capstone Project?

There is one final project that you will have to complete as a DNP student. In most institutions of higher learning, this project is known as a dnp capstone project. Notably, answering the question, “what is a capstone project” can be more complex that some would care to admit. For starters, this project marks that […]
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